Alarm Clock Gun Projection


Alarm Clock Gun Projection

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  • Easy to use: Just aim at your “target” and “fire” to project the time onto any surface or your “target”.
  • The digital time will be projected for 30 seconds.
  • This is a silent vibrating alarm clock. You can put it on the bed or under pillow to buzz you awake.
  • This silent alarm clock dose not sound loud. It is quiet enough. No annoying sound will be occurred during you are sleeping.
  • You can act as a secret agent every morning with thus gun clock. Just “shoot” your target and the time will be shown.


You can act as a secret agent after you get this gun projection clock. It is one of your significant props when you are being a spy.

You can simply aim at your “target” and “shoot”, the time will be shown on the wall.

Even it is a silent clock, it can wake you up by the vibration.

Put your gun clock on your bed or under your pillow, it will buzz you awake.

It is lightweight, only weight 2.9 oz. You can take it wherever and wherever you want.

The digital time will be projected on your target for 30 seconds to remain you that it is time to wake up.


Size: 1.1 x 4.1 x 5.1 inch

Weight: 2.9 oz.

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)


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